Making You The Centre of Your Care

You + Your Family Doctor = Partners in Health


Are you looking for a Doctor?

Finding a Health Home for you and your family is the first step towards optimal care.

Your Patient’s Medical Home is the first point of contact you have with the health care system, putting you at the center of team-based care. It is a place where you access primary care and get connected to the health and social services you need.

The benefits of seeing YOUR Family Doctor for regular care:

  • Better Patient Experience
  • Improved Preventative and Continuity of Care
  • Higher Quality of Care
  • Improved Health
  • Increased Life Expectancy
  • Have your Health Care journey coordinated and managed

Chinook Primary Care Network helps your Medical Home Physician access:

  • Active Living Programs
  • Healthy Eating Programs
  • Mental Health Clinicians
  • Specialty Servies
  • Nurses
  • Other Health Professionals

This work is supported by several Alberta Medical Association-lead initiatives that are helping PCNs on their journey to create medical homes for patients across the province. To find out more go to:

PCN MyMedicalHome - YouTube