Connect Care

With Connect Care Albertans will have access to their own health information, building strong bridges between patients and health care providers.

February 8, 2018
It's simple: Albertans deserve outstanding healthcare.

The AHS Provincial CIS (Clinical Information System) will support Connect Care, an AHS-led initiative. It’s a significant investment in the future of healthcare in Alberta and will take time to put in place, but the benefits will transform healthcare delivery in the province. Connect Care will support the provision of seamless health information that is fast, usable and reliable. The patient and the entire healthcare team will have the best possible information throughout each care journey – improving healthcare for both patients and healthcare providers.

With Connect Care Albertans will have access to their own health information. This CIS will build strong bridges between patients and healthcare providers. Information, knowledge and best practices will be easily shared. It will provide consistent healthcare no matter where you are in the province. Patient information will be available wherever you travel in the health system. More than 1,300 independent systems will be brought together, which will lead to better outcomes and satisfaction for the patients and families.

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