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August 26, 2019
It’s all about immunity.

Your child’s armour

Think of immunity as your child's armour against disease.
Immunization prompts your child’s natural immune response to disease, allowing your child to safely develop antibodies against the disease, before being exposed to the disease. These antibodies act as your child’s armour.mWhen your child is exposed to that disease after being immunized, your child will be armed and able to fight it off, without getting sick.

Without immunization, your child’s body does not have the immunity (or “armour”) to fight off the disease. Without the armour of immunization, your child can fall victim to vaccine-preventable diseases.

Alberta’s routine immunization schedule

These schedules are designed with you and your child in mind. By following this schedule, you and your child will be immunized against diseases at the safest and most effective ages and stages. This means you and your child will get the maximum possible protection.

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