Welcome to the Chinook Primary Care Network!

About Us:
Since 2005, the Chinook Primary Care Network has represented the collaboration between local physicians and Alberta Health Services, to provide and coordinate a comprehensive set of health care services to patients. In total, there are over 147 physicians participating in the CPCN, providing care to just over 190,962 regional residents.

Our Commitment:
Our commitment is to work collaboratively with key stakeholders to develop, implement and evaluate evidence-based primary care delivery models aimed at improving access, quality of care and satisfaction for both patients and health care providers.

Our Mission:
To deliver exemplary evidence-based and timely patient-centered primary health care in a medical home.

Our Key Principles:
* Reduce unnecessary waits
* Optimize clinical care
* Design and coordinate care at the patient level
* Share responsibility to improve service delivery models
* Improve health of the population

Our Aims:
* Reduce delays for and at physician appointments,
* Ensure all Alberta Health Services South Zone residents have access to a family physician,
* Establish health-care teams which may include: pharmacists, dietitians, mental health therapists, physical therapists, nurse practitioners and/or licensed practical nurses

Our Affiliated Programs:
* Alberta Healthy Living Program
Addiction & Mental Health
* Wellness and Community Health
* Seniors’ Health
* Laboratory Services
* Acute Care
*Refugee Care
*Heart Failure Management
*Early Childhood Developmet
*Hypertension Management
*Group Visits
*Nutrition Services
*Respitory Program
*DON (Diabtetes, Obesity, Nutrition Strategic Clinic)
*Domestic Violence SCN
*Behavioral Health
*Tobacco Reduction Program
*Working with other PCN's- Palisser, Calgary, Edmonton 

Our Statistics:
The Chinook Primary Care Network is a collaboration between Alberta Health Services South Zone and physicians in 12 rural communities and 14 Lethbridge physician clinics. This includes 147 core physicians (number fluctuates slightly with annual employment changes), serving approx. 190,962 patients.

These Physicians Operate out of 14 Lethbridge Clinics:
* Bigelow Fowler Clinic East
* Bigelow Fowler Clinic South
* Bigelow Fowler Clinic West
* Campbell Clinic West
* Campbell Clinic South
*Campbell Clinic North
* Elite Sports Medicine
* Family Medical Centre
* Haig Clinic
* Legacy Medical Centre

* Lethbridge Medical Clinic
* Nsisi Medical Clinic
* Palliser Medical Clinic

* Southgate Medical Centre

As well as 14 Rural Clinics in 12 Rural Communities:
* Cardston  Cardston Clinic
* Coaldale  Campbell Clinic Coaldale
* Coaldale  Dr. Geers Family Practice
* Crowsnest Pass  Crowsnest Medical Clinic
* Fort Macleod – Fort Macleod Medical Clinic
* Magrath – Dahl Clinic
* Milk River 
 Milk River Medical Clinic
* Picture Butte  Dr. R. Mohamed Medical Clinic
* Picture Butte – Family Medical Centre
* Pincher Creek – The Associate Clinic
* Raymond – Raymond Medical Clinic
* Standoff Clinic

* Taber – The Taber Clinic
* Vauxhall 
 The Vauxhall Clinic

For more information, contact the Chinook Primary Care Network at:  (403) 388 -6510.

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