QuitCore: Tobacco Reduction Program

May 25, 2016

New and exciting beginning this June – QuitCore participants can receive a $500 Nicotine Replacement Therapy card to be used at any pharmacy on NRT, completely free of cost!!  The combination of group counseling and smoking cessation medication is more effective than either alone.  QuitCore and the NRT support initiative will give individuals their best chance at reducing and/or quitting tobacco use, and being able to maintain such changes over the longer term. 

Campbell Clinic’s tobacco cessation groups are open to public.  Anyone interested in this program can register in one of the following ways:

  • visiting Alberta Quits.ca
  • calling 1-866-710-7848
  • by contacting either Robyn (Clinical Educator at Campbell Clinic Coaldale, 403 345 3072) or Brooke (Clinical Educator at Campbell Clinic West, 403 381 7000)

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